(Giveaway) 3 Signed Copies of Husk by J. Kent Messum

Husk - J. Kent Messum

My good friend and award-winning author, J. Kent Messum, is offering a giveaway for 3 signed copies of HUSK!


Head on over to Horror After Dark to enter your chance to win this amazing book:



And word on the street is that this book has been optioned for a television series by Warp Films in the UK. Warp wants to base the first season on this story, and then expand it into more seasons. When it does, you'll find me right in the front of the tube with a big bucket of ice cream :)



For a lucky few, death is merely an inconvenience. With the help of technology the mind can survive long after a body has been laid to rest. This afterlife, however, is far from paradise...


Rhodes is a 'Husk'. It's an illegal, controversial and highly lucrative job - renting out control of his body and mind to the highest bidder. It's a sure way to gain a better life, but some clients go too far. Sometimes, he wakes up with scars.


Then the visions start - terrible sights that haunt his waking hours. They could be dreams, or they could be something far worse - they just might be memories...


You can view the book trailer HERE.



J. Kent Messum is an author & speaker who always bets on the underdog. His first novel BAIT (August 2013, Penguin Books) won the 2014 Arthur Ellis Award for ‘Best First Novel.’ His second novel HUSK (July 2015, Penguin Books) was recently optioned for an international TV series by Warp Films in the UK. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife, dog, and trio of cats.